Permanent Site Rental


Site Rental

Site rental is $840 per year during the seven months of April 1st through October 31st.  This includes 12 nights, per month.  You can extend your use to nine months including March and November for an additional $120.00 per month, or a total seasonal charge of $1,080.00.  This occupancy must be used within each month (no saving or rolling over).

If you want to stay beyond 12 days, each additional night is billed at $15.00/night.

There will be an additional $5.00/night charge if you have extra appliances, such as a second refrigerator, a freezer, or a second air conditioner.

Seasonal rental allows 2 adults, and 2 children age 17 and under.  The fee for additional overnight guests is $3.00/night per person, and $2.00/night for each picketed horse/mule.

If you allow someone to stay on your site or in your camper, when you are not present, they will pay the regular nightly camping fee of $30.00/night.  We do not allow you to sub-let your site.

Please make payment in the amount of $120.00 by cash, check, or money order to Bay Creek Ranch, Inc. by the 1st of each month.  Additional occupancy owed, for the previous month should be included with the current, regular payment.

Off-Season use

Water at the sites will be turned off in the fall, and on in the spring, as weather permits.  Water will be available year around at the 4 frost-proof hydrants in camp.  Electricity is on at the sites year around.


Day Riders

Day riders, who visit you, must check in at office and pay the regular daily rate of $2.00/rider per day.


Site Maintenance

We mow grass, weed eat, and trim tree branches on your site.  You are responsible for keeping your site neat, and clean of debris at all times.  All trash is to be put in dumpsters, and manure and hay put in the muck buckets that we provide.  We will empty the buckets as necessary.  Keep aluminum cans separate so they can be recycled.

You can use our tank and wagon to empty your holding tank at the dump station.


Site Improvements

All proposed improvements and additions to your site must be approved by Bay Creek Ranch, Inc. Management.  You can install corral panel pens up to 12 x 24 ft.  Use rubber mats to prevent erosion.  All permanent structures will stay, and portable structures are yours to take, if you vacate your site.

We require that you respect your fellow campers and follow the rules of the campground.


I have read, understand, and agree to the conditions of this contract with Bay Creek Ranch, Inc.


Print full name______________________________________________________________


Signature___________________________________________ Date___________________


Print name of spouse, or one additional adult_________________________________________




City__________________________________________ State_________ Zip____________


Home Phone_______________________ Work Phone________________________________


Cell Phone________________________ e-mail address_______________________________


Emergency Contact____________________________________ Phone___________________


Emergency Contact____________________________________ Phone___________________




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